Tips for growing Succulents indoors

Succulents as houseplants are undoubtedly growing in popularity. They come in dozens of varieties, boasting different colors and shapes that can be mixed and matched to create a centerpiece or other decorations in the home. If you’re new to gardening or have had bad luck with houseplants in the past, try your hand at caring for succulents indoors.

Succulents can be grown outdoors during summer months but are best brought indoors for the wet winter months. It’s possible to grow succulents indoors year round, though. You may be familiar with some types of succulents, like Aloe vera, Jade (money) Plant, Echeveria and Snake Plant.



While succulents can also be placed outdoors during the growing season, keep them indoors in a bright, sunny location, like a south-facing or west-facing window.

Most succulents thrive indoors if they are only watered moderately every 10-14 days generally. Keep succulents away from heat sources & drafty locations.

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