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Orchid plant in ceramic pot -

With all the grace of a ballerina & beauty of a swan, the phalaenopsis orchid plant complete with a ceramic or terracotta container will continue to flower for weeks on end given minimal care.

Phalaenopsis plant care

Place in a well lit room with no direct midday sun especially during summer months & away from cold draughts or heat sources.  

Check for watering needs once per 7 to 10 days depending on the time of year or temperature of the room, roots should be grey coloured and growing medium dry before adding any water .

We recommend watering by plunging in a bowl  or using the decorative pot itself filled  with filtered or rain water. Ensuring water is room temperature, never chilled. (hydrated roots appear greener & damp ). 

Allow to soak for 30 mins and spill out all excess water, use orchid plant food once per month to encourage growth & reflowering.

No water should remain in the decorative pot between waterings, as the roots may rot. Remove faded blooms or leaves & after flowering cut back flower stem above the 3rd or 4th node to encourage reflowering.

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