Our Summer Seasonal Blooms

Our Summer Seasonal Blooms

It’s the heart of summer now. Our IRISH GROWN flowers are growing strongly but we could do with more sun to bring forward the flowering. Some flowers love the rain and indeed derive their names from the effects of moisture, Alchemilla being one of them. Known also as “lady’s mantle”. Their leaves are covered in soft hairs and show a high degree of water resistance.

At the moment Alstroemeria is blooming in bright oranges and tones of burnt red. Commonly known as the Peruvian Lily this is a hardy flower has great longevity and comes in a variety of shades. They can be found in our Bags of Love along with Astrantia,Gerbera and our other garden blooms.

Flowers blossoming in our garden now include Hypericum and Sunflowers otherwise known as Helianthus. Loved by many these beautiful flowers will bring a ray of sunshine into your home or garden and brighten your day. Pop into the store to see their beauty!

Sweet Peas are starting to blossom and fill the air and garden with their fragrant summer colour. Their soft scents can fill an entire room with hints of orange blossom and Honey. Another beautiful flower is the Hydrangea that can be seen in our gardens in soft pink tones, blue and whites.

All of the above flowers mentioned can be seen in store or pre ordered and made into a beautiful bouquet for that special gift giving occasion.

Please feel free to browse online or call into the store and we will be happy to help.

Enjoy the blooms that are in season now!