May, the month of flowers.

send flowers, May Blossom

Welcome the month of May!


Summer is upon us and our native flowers are starting to appear. It is our policy to use as many of our home grown wildflowers as possible. The freshness, the purity of colour and the fragrance of all the flowers will give to you our customer the very best presentation and beauty. In growing our own native and wild flowers, this helps to reduce our carbon footprint and is beneficial to our bees and insects.


The month of May is named after the Roman Goddess Maia. The flowers associated with May are The Hawthorn and Lily of the Valley. Also known as the May Blossom, the hawthorn adorns our hedgerows and will be in full blossom mid-May with beautiful white flowers.  Lily of the Valley is a dainty white blossom, bell shaped and sweetly scented.


International Mother’s day is celebrated on Sunday the 8th of May. We can organise local and worldwide deliveries by simply calling our store on (00353) 1 8210182 or you can browse our products HERE.


The flowers are blooming, the bees are busy and the birds are singing…….. Let’s enjoy the month of May.