Hello June

wild cornflowers

Good bye May Hello June! Already the sun is shining and we can see and smell the beautiful flowers and plants that are in season now.

We are in a great and very busy period now in our cut flower garden. Increased temperatures, rain and the absence of night frosts is driving growth. Most of our seed trays have been pricked out now onto root trainers. When pricking out it is a good idea not to handle the stems but loosen sufficiently & then transfer by holding the young leaves. 

We are preparing some fertilizer for use in the next few months. We put some nettle stalks and some comfrey into a water tight container. Fill the container with water and we leave for about two weeks. We dilute about 10 – 1 with water. A warning hold your nose and apply to your plants. Remember when picking the nettles to protect yourself against the stings.


We are using flowers from our perennials now, such as wild corn flowers and lamium in our floral arrangements.They can be found in our Bag of Love here. We look forward to the great scents of the sweet pea, lilac, stock and phlox some of which may be found in our store.


Did you know that Flowers get their names for many different reasons. 

Corn Flowers is the common name otherwise known as Centaures cyanus in latin, it is named from the Greek figure half-man & half horse.

It was fabled that Hercules was injured by an arrow and the corn flower healed the wound.

Lamium is the common name otherwise known as Dead Nettle. The yellow flowers resemble the shape of a throat and its name reflects its Latin origin.


For all you Flower and Garden Enthusiasts out there check out Bloom this June Bank Holiday week-end, Irelands largest Garden Festival held just down the road from us in The Phoenix Park.


And Finally "Flowers are the music of the ground. From Earth's lips spoken without sound " ...Edwin Curran