Autumn a time of putting in the harvest.

Autumn a time of putting in the harvest.


A time of putting in the harvest.

“Those autumn Leaves drift by the window, those autumn leaves of red & gold”

The leaves return to the centre what residual energy they have to strengthen the plant as a whole for the harsh winter ahead.

Melancholia is for some associated with autumn but a slower pace is needed after the frenetic summer.

For the garden we hope the harsh frosts will stay away for as long as possible & that we can enjoy the last vestiges of late summer flowers, the aster, sweet pea & the rose.

Those that flower at this time need to intoxicate the few insects around with their scents, and we would hope to use the Mahonias, Viburnums & Chimonanthes in our floral products to give to you our customer a bouquet that will delight.

In the plant world autumn is not so much a time of expectation but of surprise.

The spirit is lifted by the survival of late summer flowers against all the odds & in the hedgerows the sweet scent of Bergenia fills that musty autumn air.

The berries & fruits are like sculpted jewels & we use the Rose hips , Elderberry, ivy & other seed heads to add texture and depth to floral arrangements.

Autumn is not summer but it has its own quieter beauty to be enjoyed.